Lower Body Release and Mobility with Kyle Long

Lower Body Workshop - Release and Mobility

3 hours: $65 + tax

Expand your self care toolbox, improve your recovery, improve your performance, and leave floating out of the room. This 3 hour course will be split into two sections: self-release using lacrosse balls and the foam roller, and movement/mobility drills.

Our overall goals are:
• provide a basic framework for effective self massage
• identify "trigger points" of the lower body
• experience a wider variety of mobility drills (more than just pigeon and couch stretch)
• learn what drills are best for you, your body, and your issues.


We will begin by working through a posture restoring sequence. Through this you will learn what tool to apply, where to massage, how long to roll for, and where your "trigger points" are. Western society has lost a lot of natural human physicality and replaced it with a seated and sedentary lifestyle. The release portion of this course will correct the major dysfunction cause by this lifestyle.


This section of the course will have you working through several series of movements, e.g. crawl series, jefferson curl series, hip hinge series. These are drills that will challenge and improve your control of your body, speed up recovery, improve athletic performance, and make you feel better. We will also cover sequences that work well as workout/movement prep that can open up new positions or make some pain free.

Is this for me?

The short answer is yes. Coaches, athletes, and non-athletes will all learn and benefit from this course. If you experience any of the following then absolutely come.

Do you have "tight" hips, knees, or ankles?
Do you have pain squatting or deadlifting?
Do stairs make your knees hurt?
Do you feel heavy and beat up at the end of the day?

Everyone can benefit!

October 1, 2017
Time: 1:00 PM to 4:00 PM
Main Gym
5720 rainier Ave S.
Seattle, WA 98118 US
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Spaces Left: 25 Capacity: 30
Event Price: $71.56
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