PROM! FANCY CLOTHES! Kettlebell Swings in formal attire. Yes, we mean it. FORMAL ATTIRE. (Whatever that means to you, but go for it, whatever it is. Impress us with your finery.)

So many times we've heard stories of people not recognizing each other because they weren't all sweaty, and grunting and swearing. So let's fix that. We're having a formal. And a WHOLE LOTTA fun.

We've rented a venue with a stage and a dance floor. You can expect:

- A couple excellent DJs to get your booty shaking and your feet a dancin'.
- KARAOKE. Yes, for realz. We'll have an hour or so of Karaoke in the middle so that everyone (ahem, Byron) can wow us with their voices. And by "wow," we mean... whatever makes you happy. We figure that we've seen each other through so much, we've got the trust to let 'er rip.
- Beer, wine, champagne and lots of snacks from local restaurants that we love.
- An awesome photo booth for y'all to be awesome in with lots of props.

And our favorite 2 features.......

CONTESTS. Max KB swings in formal attire? Probably. Dance moves? You bet. Random skillz talent show? And other fun things....

...... and, are you ready for it?.......

Tim Aguero, who many of you know (and all of you should) has agreed to come photograph the whole thing. Which means there will be amazing photos of you, that you definitely want. (

The venue has a maximum headcount, so right now we can only sell 100 tickets, for $25 each. We're hoping it sells out fast and that we can make this a yearly event. It should be so much fun.

Bring your fine selves, your sweethearts, and even your kids. We know it will be a little on the late side. Kids over 6 need a ticket, since we're limited on space.

June 16, 2017
Time: 6:00 PM to 10:00 PM
Rocket Loft
5720 Rainier Ave South
Seattle, WA 98118 US
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Spaces Left: 73 Capacity: 100
Event Prices:
$55.05 - 2 Prom Tickets
$82.58 - 3 Prom Tickets
$110.10 - 4 Prom Tickets