Understanding Your Pain with Orit Hickman

Understanding Your Pain with Orit Hickman.

Have you ever wanted to smack someone when they told you that your pain was in your head? What if it is? The brain / body connection with pain is powerful, and can, indeed, be very painful. Understanding the complex interactions between your brain and your nerves, and how they play with a lifetime of movement patters that may or may not be rooted in a current injury, can help relieve pain and bring back full movement.

Orit Hickman founded Lake Burien Physical Therapy with the philosophy of patient-centered care at the core of all decisions. Owner. She wanted the clinic to be a place where patients would feel safe sharing their stories and healing in a warm and caring environment. Exploring the mind / body connection is core to her process.

Orit has worked with many Rocket athletes, including Alyssa Royse, who swears up and down that Orit gave her back her life and her body after successful surgery still didn't allow her to move pain-free in the way she wanted.

This 90-minute workshop will introduce you to the tools of understanding not only your pain, but your relationship with your pain, and hopes to set you on the path to pain-free living.

Yes, we know it sounds "woo." No one hates "woo" more than us. Except maybe Orit, she's not into "woo" either. But this stuff is real, and it works.

Join us for this, and get ready to leave your pain behind.

November 11, 2017
Time: 1:30 PM to 3:00 PM
Rocket Loft
5720 Rainier Ave South
Seattle, WA 98118 US
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Spaces Left: 3 Capacity: 20
Event Price: FREE